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Magical Fantasy Garden Watercolor Painting Tutorial - Beginner friendly

I've done several versions of this painting, and I never get tired of it! The process is simple- yes! even for beginners! - and it's a great way to play with watercolors and explore what they can do.

Getting better as an artist is all about 3 things - practice, learning what the materials do and dealing with your mindset so that you keep exploring, discovering and making more art.

So - even if you're not getting the results you want yet- if you are making art, you're getting better!

I hope this tutorial will give you something you can enjoy practicing over and over again. It's a project I go to when I want to try new paints, new colour combinations or just to have a relaxing meditative time while doing art.

Feel free to try any kind of variations too! You could outline the flowers in black markers, use glitter paints, add collage elements... there is no limit to what your imagination can add to this project!

You need:

* watercolor paper

* watercolor paints

* water and brushes

* a pallet to mix paints in

* pencil crayons

Also recommended:

* Brusho powders

* paint pens (like Posca or similar)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

I'd love to see what you made.

Tag me on instagram @longweekendshop of email me at

xoxox Laura-Jean

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