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April 30, 7 to 830 PM.png

Where: Online (Live on zoom)

When: Sunday June 9, 10 - 11:30 AM ET

Price: $28 + HST= $31.64

Supplies needed: 

Watercolour paints, brushes and watercolour paper

Container of water to rinse your brush

Sharpie or other permanent marker

(Or use whatever supplies you have on hand. Markers, coloured pencils etc. can also be used.)



Art-making can truly heal your soul. It's gotten me through some of the toughest times in life, and I love turning others on to it as a form of meditation and self-care. 

This watercolour workshop is designed to give you the experience of shutting off your inner critic, getting grounded and present and losing yourself in the flow of colours, shapes and lines. 

Very little instruction is provided. I'll demonstrate a simple technique at the beginning, and then we'll paint and create together while listening to relaxing music. 


It's not about results or technique; it's about curiosity, discovery and self-expression. My hope is that this sets you on a path of more art-making in your daily life, whether it's doodling, sketching, painting or whatever else helps you relax and feel creative. 

And while it's not about improving the outcome of your artworks, nothing helps you do that more than practice. So using the processes in this workshop to do art more frequently will undoubtedly help you learn and discover new techniques, your unique style and help you have more control over your results as an artist. 

If you have any questions, please email me at

Here's what past participants have said about this workshop:

Thanks so much for sharing your arts skills, Laura-Jean - for helping me know where to start, and giving me the permission just to do my own thing!

This event was so relaxing and it was nice to get out of my head and just create. I have been looking for a creative outlet for some time and this was perfect!

I loved the simple instructions. I always feel a block when thinking about using art as a mindfulness practice. I would have never painted what I did if I was on my own. I'm excited about including more art as self-care in my life :)

2023-12-02 - 09-29-16 - -12- Facebook.png

These three paintings were created using the technique and paints we will be using at this workshop! 


These are all examples of paintings that were done in Art for Self-Care Workshops!

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