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Art for Self-Care When Times are Tough

An art practice can truly heal the soul, so my lovely friend Karla and I set out to host some art events online to invite people to paint along with us in a beautiful hour of connection, self-care and creative exploration.

This session is not about results or technique, although through practice you will undoubtedly improve your technique and surprise yourself with your results!

This is about using the practice of art-making as a chance to disconnect from self-judgment and experiment, losing yourself in the flow of the paint, the lines, shapes and colours.

We invite you to set aside an hour, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this relaxing art exercise with us.

The supplies used are watercolour paints, watercolour paper and brushes. A sharpie or other permanent black marker is optional.

If you don't have those supplies, follow along with whatever you have: pencil crayons, markers, crayons or even a ball point pen and paper. There's no way to get this wrong!

About your hosts:

Laura-Jean is a Business Coach & Artist

In either business, her aim is helping women achieve more joy, peace, creative expression and freedom in their lives.

Coaching website:

Art website:

Karla Smith is a Personal Transformation Coach & Self-Love Expert She helps highly successful, supportive women, who are way too hard on themselves, claim their right to self-care, self-compassion, inner-fulfilment and joy. Website: Instagram:

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