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Hi! I'm so happy to meet you!


I've been a lifelong artist and maker using a variety of media including paint, clay, markers, textiles, paper, video, beads, photography and more. 

During the pandemic, I faced some of life's toughest challenges - first closing my previous businesses, then being diagnosed with cancer and finally helping my Dad in his last months and dealing with his passing. 

Through all that, art saved me.


Losing myself in painting and drawing helped keep anxiety at bay and gave me something fun to look forward to each day. I created beautiful, colourful work and developed my unique mixed media style, learning new skills while enjoying the meditative and healing qualities of art.


Sharing my art on social media soon led to sales of originals and prints, and I found myself wanting to build a business model that would allow me to do as much art as possible, every single day while sharing it with others.


I believe everyone is an artist, and it's my joy to help people explore, create, develop new skills and discover their own style. In fact, the only thing more fun than doing art is doing art with someone else

I love selling my work, which you can browse here.


When I found my art style, it felt like I had opened my heart and this is what came out - colourful fairies and flowers and beautiful magical gardens.


Each purchase feels like someone connecting with that gift from my heart, and I'm so grateful that my work can bring joy to others.


And I equally adore teaching others and helping them grow artistically!


Whether you're on a healing journey like mine, you want to gain skills to be able to express yourself artistically, or you want to start your own art business, I'd be honoured to be your guide.


Check out lessons here, and let's chat about your goals! I look forward to connecting with you. 


Laura-Jean Bernhardson

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