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Learn to paint beautiful watercolour florals, in a variety of styles, in just one hour a week! This course is designed to help you carve out the time to learn, while providing all the techniques you need for success. 

Perfect for beginners, and artists of any level, you'll paint small 4" X 6" paintings that can easily be made into greeting cards, framed or used as studies for larger works.

The small size removes the intimidation and fear of the "blank page" and allows you to experiment and try new things.  You'll find yourself surprised at the beautiful art you create with ease! 

When: Starts Tuesday May 30, 6 pm to 7 pm ET and runs 6 weeks

Where: virtual, live on zoom

Price: $210 + $27.30 (HST) = $237.30 for one person 

           $375 + $48.75 (HST) = $423.75 for two people

Join with a friend and save big!

Watercolour painting has turned out to be my favourite way to reduce stress and relax. It's a very meditative process, and my goal in life is to turn more people on to this wonderful hobby. 

At the same time, if your ambitions are to sell your work or create large paintings for your home or as gifts, this course will get you started off on the right track. 

Each week, we'll paint a small 4" X 6" painting of a different style. Over the course of 8 weeks, you'll have learned so many new techniques, your growth as an artist will amaze you! 

Any of these paintings can be turned into greeting cards. What a special way to share your work and delight your friends and loved ones! You can also frame them as is, or use as a study to create larger works. 

Learn to paint this

Which you can turn into this!

These sessions are all live on zoom, which allows students a chance to ask questions and learn from other participants. 

You are welcome to copy each lesson closely or add your own self-expression. This is a great chance to learn technique and learn how to make decisions around colour choice, composition and more. 

I also share ways to grow as an artist including mindset and positive self-talk, as well as how to carve out the time and space at home to practice. 

Bonus: I include instructions on how to make beautiful printed envelopes to make your greeting cards that much more special.

How special would that be to make and send hand-painted cards to your friends and family? Just imagine how delighted your loved one would be to get a card like this from you!

Learn to paint this

Which you can turn into this!

This course is designed to give you the building blocks of watercolour painting in easy one-hour projects, while helping you carve out the time to develop a practice. What you do with it is entirely up to you! 

Whether you make greeting cards, frame your work, use it as studies for larger pieces or launch your own art business, this course will get you started in the right direction. 

Ready to register? 

Price: $210 + $27.30 (HST) = $237.30 for one person 

           $375 + $48.75 (HST) = $423.75 for two people

Supplies needed:

- watercolour paper, brushes and paints

- masking tape

Got questions? Just email me at

Springtime Florals: An Online Watercolour Workshop

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