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Print of "Fairyland Kitty Salon" 


The original is a gorgeous 8 X 10 piece created with watercolors, colored pencils and acrylic paint pens.  This listing is for an archival print of the piece. 


Archival prints are high quality prints with special ink that doesn't fade over time. They are expected to last 100 years with no fading! The detail and colour are clear and they look truly amazing. 



My fairy series came out of a period where life was sending a lot of challenges my way. I started painting in watercolor to relax and fell in love with the meditative process. 


Fairies have always been a love of mine. I find them so peaceful and pure and often include fairy visualizations in my meditations when falling asleep. 


When I started sharing my fairy art on social media, others fell in love with them as well, and I feel so full of joy that I can paint them and bring them to life in this way. 


Looking for the original? You can find it here:


For simplicity, I'm including shipping to the US and Canada in prices. If you would like shipping to another locations, please email me at



Print of Kitty Salon in Fairyland

  • If you have any problem with your purchase, please contact me within 7 days of receiving it. I will repair, replace or refund accordingly to make sure you are happy. 

  • All purchases are shipped within 3 business days. If there are delays for any reason, I'll contact you.

    For simplicity, I'm including shipping within Canada and the US in the pricing. If you would like anything shipped elsewhere, please get in touch and I'll make arrangements and let you know the pricing. 

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