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Let's Face it! You CAN Draw! -
Adult online 8 week face drawing workshop

In this fun, live on zoom, interactive workshop, we'll learn all the basics of drawing faces in pencil! I always tell my students, "If you want to get good at drawing faces, draw 100 faces!" so this is about the practice of drawing and improving.


I have several techniques to teach you that will make getting started in the right direction so very much easier, and each student will be provided with a package of reference photos and templates to make face drawing easier.

This course focuses on a front facing face and a slightly turned face. We'll learn different expressions and fun variations to give your faces character and life!

Where: Online

When: Starts Thursday September 28, 6 pm - 7 ET (runs 8 weeks)

Price: $255 +HST

(button to register is at the bottom of this page)


Absolute beginners and intermediate artists are welcome. Just bring your imagination and enthusiasm!


Watercolour Garden_edited.jpg

We'll learn about:

- values (light and dark) with pencil

- blending and shading with pencil

- how to make eyes look alive 

- how to draw different hair styles

- realistic proportions and fantasy proportions

- eyebrows and eyelashes

- noses

- a variety of mouths 

- and so much more! 

Small class sizes mean lots of room for questions and feedback. 

This would not be complete if we didn't address mindset. This workshop is a judgement-free zone and we'll talk about how to quiet that talkative inner critic who may have opinions about your art journey. 


*Supplies needed are a pencil set for artists, a 'pencil eraser' and paper. I prefer a thicker, better quality paper than the typical cheap printer paper we all tend to have around the house, and please note the products linked to are examples. If you already have stuff, it should be fine. :)

The techniques you learn in this fun workshop are a great starting point for drawing ANYTHING! If this is the beginning of your drawing journey, it will give you a solid foundation and allow you to grow as an artist in all kinds of directions. 

To get the most out of this workshop, it's suggested you practice in between classes- after all, if you want to get good at drawing faces, you need to draw 100 faces! But don't let that seem daunting - you'll be improving from the very first one. And don't tell me you can't draw! My techniques will have you learning and surprising yourself from day one!

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