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Creative Abundance - Adult online workshop 
A journey of artistic discovery for beginners - 8 weeks starting Tuesday Jan. 16

In this fun, live on zoom, interactive workshop, beginner artists will be led through a journey to discover their own style, learn technique, learn about art materials and develop an art practice. 

You may think "I can't draw" or "I don't have artistic talent".


It's just not true! Humans are innately creative! 


It breaks my heart how many people misunderstand creativity. Sometimes we try something for just a short while and decide we aren't good at it and never will be. Sometimes someone told us once that our art was bad, or laughed at a drawing we made. And in that moment we decided to give up on it forever.


But just like playing hockey, learning to use a computer, or anything else we learn through instruction, trial and error and practice, art and creativity can absolutely be learned and developed.

The most important thing to grow as an artist is practice. In this 8 week journey, we'll meet weekly in a small group online to learn new techniques, share our progress and connect and support each other in growth. 

You will be encouraged to start a daily art practice and given homework - actually let's call it homeplay - in art-making, creative thinking, observation and many other prompts and tips to support your creative development. 

Each week you'll learn new techniques that can be combined and layered to create impressive works of art. I promise you will surprise yourself!


We will learn tracing techniques as well as freehand, and you'll be provided with templates to support your creative expression. Tracing and templates are not cheating! They are training wheels that help you build your freehand skills.

You'll also be introduced to new art supplies throughout the course. This will give you a chance to see how they work and which you want to buy as you build your stash. A small group means lots of time for questions, feedback and customization of the course to suit the participants.

Where: Online

When: Starts Tuesday January 16, 6 pm - 7:30 ET (runs 8 weeks)

Price: $275 +HST

(button to register is at the bottom of this page)


Absolute beginners and intermediate artists are welcome. 


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We'll learn about:

- values (light and dark)

- blending and shading

- basic drawing techniques (including faces!)

- texture, detail and contrast

- finding your own style

- observation

- sketching from a reference photo

- various art materials, how to use, what to buy, how to layer and combine

and so much more! 

You'll find your overall creativity growing through the processes we explore in this course. You're very likely to find yourself solving problems at work more creatively and bringing more creative joy into your relationships! 

Fun fact: I dreamed this course up while walking home from Dollarama yesterday and now it's a real thing. That's creative abundance in action! 

Supplies needed: 

Watercolour paints, watercolour paper and brushes, a black sharpie marker, pencil and eraser.

Pencil crayons 

I'll send an email with recommendations before the class starts so you can choose good quality brands. Nothing is very expensive though and I'll offer options at a few price points so you can choose what suits your budget.

The base of this course will use these supplies so this is a good place to start. As we go through the weeks, I'll be demonstrating different art supplies which you can choose to get if you like them.

Ready to register?

Got questions? Email me at

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