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Art Parties, Corporate Events and more


I offer a wide variety of customized art workshops for groups of 4 - 400+ to meet your needs. 

Art workshops are an awesome way to bring folks together to learn, have fun and be creative.


I do customized workshops for:

  • employee team building

  • marketing activations

  • family events

  • birthday parties (kids or adults)

  • get-togethers

  • social groups

  • weddings

  • and more

I believe everyone is an artist, and it's my joy to help people of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels explore, create, develop new skills and discover their own style. In fact, the only thing more fun than doing art is doing art with others

I make it easy for you.

My goal is to make it super easy for you to host an art party. We start with a conversation about your group, space and goals. I'll come up with ideas for your approval. I bring all the supplies needed so you can relax and join the creative fun!

What an amazing way to socialize while learning and having fun! Art is good for mental health, relieves stress and can be an awesome meditative experience. 


Here's a peek at a summer art party I did for a group of friends. It was hosted in the backyard of one of the ladies, and was a potluck social event with a goal of having fun and experimenting with various art media. Ages ranged from 30's to 80's and some were absolute beginners while others had some art experience. 

Here's what some of the ladies had to say about the art party:


"Fresh air, multi mediums to play with and a fantastic afternoon spent with a talented fun artist. A unique experience for a group of older gals to come away with samples of newly learned techniques and budding friendships. It was a really fun experience and I'd love to do it again." 

"Your art workshop was so enjoyable; your approach to teaching generous and fun! My introduction to the mysteries of watercolour has made me see with new eyes!"

"I had never tried watercolours before and I am hooked! It's so relaxing and meditative. I'm happy to have had this introduction and will definitely continue painting at home."

Let's chat!

Whatever your group and whatever your goals, I can make an art party that will be fun and engaging. 


- watercolours

- mixed media

- jewellery making

- fashion illustration 

- or bring me your idea and we'll discuss!

I can match the theme of your party, doing a custom project like Mixed Media Minecraft or Princess Crowns and Wands, so if you have an out-there idea, let's create something unforgettable together and make some memories. 

Send me an email at and tell me a bit about your group, space and goals, we'll chat and go from there.


Prices start at $350 and go up based on group size and other individual factors.




Laura-Jean Bernhardson

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